Recruitment Process

To help you find the perfect candidate for your company, we will arrange an in-depth meeting with you to understand your staffing needs . In selecting candidates who perfectly match your experience, language, Tech Skills and organization, we find a personal visit to your company can make all the difference. After our visit, we provide a selection of candidates who fit your profile and company culture.

Following the pre-selection, we invite all candidates to our office for an extensive interview. Psychological assessments and language ability and computer proficiency tests are an option. We do not introduce candidates to your company without the candidate’s prior permission and knowledge of your company’s expectations.

After these screening interviews, you will receive the CV’s and personal profiles of the candidates who best fit your requirements. We arrange for interviews to take place at your company with the candidates you have selected. We liaise and advise you on contract details. Finally, we keep track of client satisfaction and our candidates’ progress by conducting evaluations during the contract period.