Who we are

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Our Story

Where We Build Your Visions

LucDo Technologies is a Global Digital Consulting and Recruitment company working in various European as well as Middle east countries India, Dubai, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, France, UK and Belgium.

Digital hiring is a key service that has been deployed to take care the need of the business of our Global clients to hire the resources from India or outside India. We fulfil the need of our Global and Indian Client for their Digital recruitment requirements for themselves or their clients.

LucDo Technologies is also in Technology consulting and Software development with 3 basic principles Technology expertise, Innovation and customer relationship. We are the one stop shop from understanding the customer’s environment and based on the challenges, we provide the solutions.

We bridge the Demand-Supply gap through an Innovative, best-in-class recruiting engine, backed by a dedicated client-centric service focus. The result? Over 90% of our clients rank us in their top supplier by performance.

  • Client-centric model with dedicated account managers & teams.
  • Global coverage with presence in multiple countries.
  • Domain and skill-specific recruiting.
  • Our high rate of candidate retention beats industry standards.

Why Partner with LuCDo Technologies?

We’re phenomenal at what we do and we will treat you like gold every step of the way.  We have been carefully handpicking talented multilingual internationals across globe.

We have a mighty strong network which gives you access to the best talent. Our screening process is rigorous. That’s good for you because you will only meet the cream of the crop. We take the time to know your organization inside and out. This is important because it gives us the insight required to find you the perfect fit.

We only get paid when the job is done which is great for you because it means that you bare no risk – you can only gain by having us find you a candidate. We don’t apply retainer fees, ask for pre-payments, require binding contracts or demand preferred supplier status.

What Drives us Forward

We are motivated by mission

We are dedicated to our team, users, and clients and we work with passion in everything we do.

We choose positivity

No matter the challenges we’re facing, we choose to be positive and collaborate with a diverse community. We recognize that we are lucky to be building something meaningful, and we are having fun doing it.

We strive to do the impossible

If it doesn’t seem impossible, we’re not aiming high enough. We are doing things an innovative way, and our team is not afraid to boldly push forward our vision of the world.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

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